Creative Chemistry 101 Day 2 ~ Distress Ink

(Photo 1)

I am kind of late in terms of making my own practices and handing in the so-called homework!

Glad I finally managed to finish Day Two which covered three Distress Inkpad Techniques, namely Blended Spritz & Flick Technique, Brushless Watercolor Technique and Wrinkle-Free Distress Technique. None of them were new to me, yet it is always a delight to revisit these techniques which you never could produce identical results! My take is shown on Photo 1.

 (Photo 2)

Photo 2 mimicked Tim’s demonstration. Tim left his first and third tags un-stamped. To make them a finished look, I stamped Hero Arts Wildflower Garden on both of them. The details of each tag are below:

(Photo 3:Blended Spritz & Flick Technique)

(Photo 4: Brushless Watercolor Technique)
(Photo 5: Wrinkle-Free Distress Technique)

上週彩印天王Tim Holtz網路課程 Creative Chemistry 101開課了!Helen遲至週末才有機會動手做功課!好學生不僅要認真上課,該做的功課也不能少,否則就淪為空談的理論派了,不是嗎!




Tag 說明

1.          印章出自 Hero Arts

2.          顏料為Ranger Distress Inkpads(復古印台)

3.          本次作品亦會上傳參加Hero Arts 三月挑戰:花朵Lily Pad Cards Simon Says Stamp Presents a Flower Challenge


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  1. 熱心的PO文讓我們知道TIM大師的教學活動.鮮豔的顏色與以前的復古色大大不同.買的新色印台都未開封可試試了!期待您下堂課的創作與分享
    [版主回覆03/31/2012 21:27:28]Hi 燕燕   感謝來訪
    Day 3 & 4的作品已上傳   歡迎指教喔
    新色印台改快拆封吧   不然愧對coco喔


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