Happy Thanksgiving ( Non Traditional Way) 魔卡挑戰 #69 -- 照片聯想題 7

This card was made for the following challenges:


1. More Cards Challenge #69 – Photo Inspiration 7


2. Hero Arts August Challenge – Fall Feast


3. Moxie Fab World – The Gallon/Quart/Pint Challenge

In this card, yellowish orange serves as gallon, red as quart while the blue gems serve as pint.


這張卡參加上述三個挑戰,Helen嘗試用非秋天節慶章做出秋天風味的感恩節卡!其實對Helen而言,一年四季都是感恩的季節耶!今年Helen 經歷的種種考驗(不管於公於私)更甚於往年,到目前還能挺住,啊!真是感恩!僅以這張簡單、溫暖的感恩卡表達心中的萬般感恩!



1.      印章圖案出自Hero Arts

2.      背景上色為最簡單的海綿上色水性印台技法。


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