Second Get Well Card in 2014

This is a card for a colleague who got a motorcycle accident a few days ago. This card is the sequel of the previous Get Well card. The first card used the positive part of the diecut text, while this card used the negative part.

I hope this colorful and cheerful card will help my colleague to recover very soon! I also hope I don’t need to make the third Get Well card in the near future!

2014年才過第二個星期結束,Helen就需要做出第二張慰問卡,這次是送給部門的一位出車禍的年輕同事!同事因為閃躲另一台摩托車, 卻不幸自己的摩托車車滑倒,因而摔傷。結果下巴縫了好幾針,左手骨裂,雙腳也有多處傷口,災情可謂慘重!由於「肇事」的摩托車並未真正與同事擦撞,且不知去向,交通警察裁定是「自摔」,同事只能自認倒楣!

唉!Helen真是替同事感到心疼與忿忿不平,不過這似乎就是人生。只能安慰同事,沒有腦震盪,且摔倒後沒有被後方來車再撞,真是夠幸運了…. !祝福同事早日康復,也希望短期內不必再做慰問卡!

1. 線條章出自Impression Obsession。
2. 文字刀模出自Paper Smooches。
3. 型版出自The Crafters’ Workshop
4. 背景技法為層次噴霧型版技法。
5. 這張卡是上張卡的續集,刀模壓出的字先做成上一張卡,縷空部分做本張卡。


  1. This is such a sweet card, Helen. I love the beautiful layered background and the die cut sentiment. Wonderful design! :)

    1. Hi Meihsia, thanks for dropping me this sweet note! Your words made my day!


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