Many Blessings

We are having the Chinese Lunar New Year Holidays which is the most important holiday in pan-Chinese world, like Christmas in western world! So I have been extremely busy and hence quite far behind in terms of catching up the Stenciled class!

Here comes my second take – Stencil over Stencil with Ink Blending! I must say it is another easy and no-failure technique!  Again I kind of like what I came up with! Ha!


今天正好有點時間,趕點進度吧!這張卡是明信片卡,也就是單層卡,運用的技法有遮蔽技法仿繡線技法和Shift Stenciling!

Card Details

1.The stencil is by The Crafters’ Workshop and the stamp is by Hero Arts.
2.Techniques applied are Masking, Shift Stenciling and Faux Stitches.

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