Treasure This Day


1.     The Play Date Café(顏色組合)


2.     CAS-ual Fridays, CFC107: Hunger Games(箭頭元素)


3.     Summer Card Camp 2, Pre-Class Challenge 2(構圖) 

 4.     Moxie Fab World, The Mixy-Matchy Style Challenge(各式圖案或線條混搭)


所有印章出自Hero Arts。真可惜Stamp Your Stories挑戰昨天截止了!


  1. Love the inking! Beautiful take on all the challenges, Helen! And congrats on being featured as Moxie Fabber of the week--the Pride of Taiwan! Way to go! There is a discussion thread here about this feature: http://www.flickr.com/groups/heroarts/discuss/72157634430081132/

    [版主回覆07/02/2013 23:04:46]Dear Viginia, thanks for starting this topic at Flickr ! I have been a big fan of you and have always admired your artwork, articles, humor and passion! I hope to follow your path in the creativity land!

  2. I am hoping this is a successful way to add a comment.  I was so intrigued by reading about you on the Moxie Fab World.  Congratulations on being the Moxie Fabber of the Week.  I can definitely agree with Cath, you have a style all your own and that style is bright and cheery and ever so appealing.  I'm so glad I got to know a little more about you.
    [版主回覆07/02/2013 23:10:05]Hi Andie,

    I am so grateful that you came all the way and left me such sweet note! Your words made my day and I am so glad to get to know you as well!


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