A Night with Chris Botti at Wente Vineyards, Livermore, CA

Grammy Award Winner Chris Botti is coming to Taiwan for two performances on 9/16 and 9/17.

My family had a chance to enjoy his beautiful music concert at Wente Vineyards (Livermore, California) in mid-August. How how how lucky! 

We enjoyed this one-of-a-kind night with delicate gourmet, lovely music and relaxing environment to the fullest. The night was truly impeccable! 

We not only got his signature (Photo 2) but had a chance to take a photo with the contemporary trumpet musician (Photo 1). Wow!

To sample one of his famous performances, please visit Chris Botti & Yo-Yo Ma - Cinema Paradiso live at Boston. Take a look and enjoy. You won’t regret!

著名小喇叭音樂家Chris Botti於9/16與9/17在台北演奏兩場音樂會,Helen與家人非常幸運地在八月中旬於北加州灣區的Livermore城的Wente酒莊已躬逢其盛,享受了一個非常浪漫的夜晚!美食與音樂,在皎潔的月光下,那真是個無可挑剔的美好時刻!

當晚的演奏家如圖三,無法去欣賞的朋友不妨聆聽上面聯結(是Chris Botti在2008年Boston的演奏會)!


  1. How awesome! This photo of your family with the great musician is really precious! So glad that you had the chance to enjoy LIFE! I must check out Chris's music! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Virginia, I am so glad you like it! Here is another link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8NN4fpdm40 ), so romantic and breath-taking! Watch it with Dr. John. :)

  2. Thanks for the link, Helen! Breath-taking music indeed! They played it with such love and passion!


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